• Dock & Boat Lift Sales and Services

    Appreciating your lakefront property shouldn’t be a head-ache in spring and fall, it should be enjoyable all season! Waterfront Solutions will remove the hassle by installing, removing and servicing all types of docks and boat lifts so you can just sit back and enjoy. We also provide the sales of marine equipment and will assist with determining which equipment will best suit your needs.

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  • Aquatic Weed Removal/Beach Maintenance

    Cattails, lily pads and invasive weeds like milfoil, can be a safety hazard for swimming, prevent boats from easily reaching open water and simply be an eye sore. We clean your lakeshore and surrounding water using chemical-free environmentally friendly removal techniques so you can enjoy debris free water.

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  • Canopy Covers Installation and Removal

    Keeping your boat covered when not in use is essential to extending your marine equipment’s lifetime. Waterfront Solutions will install and remove your canopy covers and can also haul away, clean, dry, and store canopy covers in-doors over the winter.

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  • Marine Cleaning and Restoration

    You spent time and money getting your marine equipment, Waterfront Solutions keeps it looking and working its best. We will clean and repair your dock surfaces, boat lifts and boat house canopy covers year round so you can take the weekend off to just enjoy the waterfront view.

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  • Waterfront Barge Services

    Waterfront Solutions can assist you in dock and lift install, removal, and transportation. We also perform specialty barge services and transports of other materials.

  • Additional Services

    We work closely with several qualified Minnesota-based contractors that cover almost every marine service that you may need from your lakefront home to the lake itself. We welcome you to contact us if you need something not specifically listed above and we’ll put you together with one of our experts.

  • Serving the MN South-West Metro

    Waterfront Solutions primarily services lakefront properties in and around Minnetonka, MN. We will service other areas on a case by case basis.