Lake Minnetonka barge and crane services

Lake Minnetonka barge and crane services

Waterfront Solutions provides lake boat, dock and lift transportation services on Lake Minnetonka and throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Our lake barge tows watercraft of all sizes. We also perform specialty barge services and can haul a wide range of other lake structures and materials.

Our barge and crane were custom built for us by Elite Industries in Pequot Lakes, MN.  It can extend up to 62’, allowing us to reach even the most difficult-to-reach locations and even gently set equipment on shore.

Barge and crane highlights

  • Can maneuver under low bridges
  • Enables recovery of sunken boats
  • Plucks boats gently off lifts during periods of extremely low water levels
  • Transports construction materials
  • Capable of removing, installing and adjusting lifts that are under a boat house

Tree removal and trimming services

We can remove trees and limbs via barge, ice and land.  It is healthy to keep trees maintained and free of dead limbs during the correct times of year. This greatly improves the trees’ health and longevity and allows them to properly heal and reduces the chance for disease.